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Swimming Pools Construction Works 


  • Fast: concrete works in 1 day. the concrete sets in one go this ensues a perfectly homogeneous one-piece structure.

  • Solid: Strength and durability with mono-block construction process self-supporting not deformable not crackable earthquake resistant.

  • Water Proof: watertight by itself on both sides. The concrete is poured in only one go without any splice no structure brittleness.

  • Custom: any finishing. free form or rectangular made to order, beautiful designs that are individual and unique

We design & build swimming pools in UAE. We are specialists in residential and commercial swimming pool design, swimming pool construction, swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool repair and swimming pool servicing UAE. We offer turnkey solutions, taking care of every single aspect of construction or we work as a subcontractor when required. We work closely with clients and architects, discuss the pool concept, agree every detail of the project, and provide precise costs for all components. This approach ensures that we deliver exactly what is required at the agreed budget. Through our dedicated approach and technical expertise, we are confident that we can offer you a superior swimming pool construction and maintenance service throughout UAE.


we are capable to carry out all the work with our subcontractors using quality construction methods and superior construction materials, our skilled subcontractor engineers can create excellent Swimming Pools, both commercial and residential, that are supreme in beauty, quality and strength. When we build your swimming pool, we consider carefully the environment in which the pool is to be built and, when construction begins, we follow a strict developmental strategy. We are conversant with the rapid changes taking place with technological innovations, new ideas and products being applied to swimming pools and their environment. Critically, we understand the need to meet new challenges of energy conservation and low energy consumption on installations.


Design and construction considerations

* Sun and shadow position during the day.

• Location of existing trees, leaves and possible rooting systems.

• Landscaping.                           

• Existing electrical cables.       

• Existing sewerage lines.

• Pool safety.

• Existing water pipes.  

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