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Formic Acid

Formic acid is a low flammable, biodegradable, and stable liquid under ambient conditions, with a boiling point of 101°C and a freezing point of 8.3°C. It is a colorless, clear, and corrosive liquid with a pungent odor. it is an efficient organic acid that is environmentally friendly and used in many different applications. 


1- it is an organic acid  used in oil- and gas-well stimulation treatments. 

2- it has an advantage over HCl in that formic acid is easier to inhibit against pipe corrosion at temperatures as high as 400°F . 

3- it is intermediate in strength between hydrochloric acid  and acetic acid. 

4- It corrodes steel more uniformly than does HCl and causes less pitting.

Typical Physical Properties

  • CAS No. : 64-18-6

  • Appearance   –   Clear liquid                         

  • Formic Acid, HCOOH   –   85 % m/m min

  • Non volatile matter   –   50 mg/kg max                                  

  • Sulphate, as SO4   –   50 mg/kg max

  • Chloride, as Cl   –   5 mg/kg max                               

  • Iron, Fe   –   5 mg/kg max

  • Flash Point   –   50oC                                        

  • S.G.   –   1.22

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