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Sulphonated Asphalt

It is widely used around the world to successfully drill oil and gas wells across troublesome shale formations.  It’s provides excellent shale inhibition, high-temperature high-pressure (HTHP) fluid loss control, and torque and drag reduction which allow oil companies to drill through very challenging and sensitive shale sections without problems.

It is asphaltic material that has been treated by a specific sulphonation process to be partially soluble/dispersible in water or water-based fluids. As a consequence of the sulphonation process, It particles are negatively charged and attracted to shale (positive charge) forming a protective layer on the shale structure and sealing its surface, pores and micro-fractures, reducing HTHP fluid loss and stabilizing the formation. It also helps produce thin filter cake and improves filter cake lubricity reducing torque and drag in long horizontal drilling operations.


Sulfonated asphalt is a mixture of Gilsonite, blown asphalt lignite, caustic soda and blend of latter compounds. This additives uses because of foaming in water, it is partially soluble in water and fully emulsion in the fluids. It is useful with dry additives and reacts with shale to prevent or stop sloughing and swelling. Sulfonated Asphalt reduces high temperature, high press fluid loss. It significantly increases lubricity, either alone or with the combination of synthetic oils or glycol. It prevents stuck drill pipe. Useful at softening point especially with un-reacted additives.

Packing and Storage:

Packed in multiply paper bags or fiber drums (25KG), or as per customer requirement. Keep dry.

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