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Corrosion Inhibitor

Nelco manufactures a complete range of high performance Corrosion Inhibitors, Scavengers and Biocides for the Oil and gas industry which can be customized and manufactured according to various customer needs such as varying temperature, Oil-well requirements and specifications and all products is  environmentally friendly and Non Toxic. 

A chemical compound that can be added to liquids or gases and used to decrease the corrosion rate of a given material (usually a Metal ) can be referred to as a corrosion inhibitor. A corrosion inhibitor is a chemical that prevents or reduces the impact of corrosion on an exposed metal of the aircraft in a harsh environment. Corrosion inhibitors add water or acids in specific concentrations to form a film or coating to the metallic surface of the aircraft, this, in turn, creates an inhibitor for the surface to protect it from the harsh environment. 

Corrosion Inhibitor is a Drilling Fluid Additive that is added to the Drilling Fluids to avoid or Eliminated Corrosion which causes pitting and fatigue of metal surfaces, leading to the early and sudden failure of metal products such as drill collars, casing and specialty tools.

Corrosion Inhibitor is supplied in internationally approved Packaging with Private labelling and customization catering to all customer needs and requirements.

Types of Corrosion Inhibitor

Cathodic Inhibitor: Examples for Cathodic Inhibitors include sulfite and bisulfite ions which can react with oxygen to form sulphates.

Anodic Inhibitor: Examples for anodic inhibitors include chromates, nitrites, orthophosphates, and molybdates.

Volatile  Inhibitor: it can be used to halt the corrosion of condenser tubes in boilers. it work by changing the pH of the exterior atmosphere to less acidic conditions in order to control corrosion. Examples include morpholine and hydrazine which are used to control the corrosion of the condenser pipes in boilers.

Mixed Inhibitors:They work to reduce cationic reactions as well as anionic reactions. This is done via the formation of a precipitate on the surface of the metal. Examples for Mixed inhibitors include silicates and phosphates  which are used as water softeners to stop the rusting of water.

Silicate Based Corrosion Inhibitor

it is designed for the treatment and protection of open re-circulating cooling water systems.

  • Ideal for systems containing natural or artificial soft water

  • Proven high performer against corrosion of steel, copper and brass

  • Contains an effective dispersant

  • Stable to chlorine and bromine

  • Low toxicity


Phosphate Based Corrosion Inhibitor

 is used as a corrosion inhibitor in all water based drilling fluids; brine water systems; and air, mist, or foam fluids

MiPh 104

Nitrite Based Corrosion Inhibitor

it is designed for use for the treatment of closed water circulating systems and for low pressure heating systems and for Chiller cooling system


1-Superior results in protecting steel, copper and a range of non-ferrous metals.

2-Keeps system TDS at a lower degree


Amine Based Corrosion Inhibitor

it is substances produced from amine or their derivatives which prevent or decrease the rate of chemical reactions or is commonly used in industrial lubricants, greases and rust-preventive fluids. They are also used to control corrosion, neutralize hazardous acid gas and prevent scale.

it is designed for use in clear brines but can be used in viscosified completion or drilling fluids.


Morpholine Corrosion Inhibitor

It is an organic amine used as boiler corrosion inhibitor. It finds a variety of uses such as manufacturing of rubber accelerators, curing agents, cleaning agents, anti-rust agents, and surface-active agents. It contains both amine and ether groups, used in a wide range of applications. The amine group makes its base, its conjugate acid , which appears as a colourless liquid with a fishlike smell.In boiler water treatment, It helps increase the pH of boiler feed water to protect the boiler against corrosion. It is used as boiler inhibitor intermediate available in the form of a colourless liquid.


Gas Line Corrosion Inhibitor

It protects the gas line from the corrosion occurred due to H2S and CO2. It is developed to work effectively in units where the corrosion is in form of CO2, H2S and SOx.

It is used in oil & gas industry applied in well stimulation. 


Oil Line  Corrosion Inhibitor

it is dispersible in produced water, sea water and brine. It is an organic corrosion inhibitor which is intended for use inoil pipeline and production equipment.

It is used in oil & gas industry applied in refinery. 


Acid  Corrosion Inhibitor

It is used to inhibit the attack of various acids on metal during de scaling of equipment's and also used during acidulation of oil well to protect tubing & other equipment's. Used in Hydrochloric Acid with Acetic Acid, Formic Acid & Hydrofluoric Acid.


Plsase write to us for Corrosion Inhibitor PDS and MSDS

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