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WATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS ( Operation & Maintenance & Cleaning )

NELCO GULF is a group of experienced Engineers who are dedicated to providing the highest quality water treatment solutions to clients in the UAE for more than a decade. We provide full range services to optimize water use and meet the required water or wastewater quality for various industrial applications. We take extreme care in ensuring quality and offering full customer satisfaction. Our engineers and scientists consult on, plan, build, and maintain water treatment plants that are tailored to the respective customer requirements.


Area of services

  • Effluent Treatment Plant ( ETP ).

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

  • Portable water Treatment.

  • Cooling Tower water Treatment.

  • Boiler water Treatment.

  • Chiller Water Treatment.

Our services

  1. Maintenance and managing of plant (Parts, Pumps, Tanks, etc.)

  2. Cleaning and shut down of plant.

  3. Operation, treatment and monitoring

  4. Maintenance of Electrical & mechanical equipment.

  5. Supply of Parts and Equipment.

  6. Supply of chemicals for Treatment.

  7. Adding Latest Technologies for treatment process

  8. Calibration & Testing

  9. Handling and Removal of High Residue Generated Waste (Wastewater & sludge).

For More Information

Why Us 

  • Optimize the performance of your plant.

  • Maximize the life of the components of your plant.

  • Minimize the risk of breakdown of your plant.

  • Assure the required effluent quality at the lowest long-term cost.

  • Avoid ‘out of consent’ issues and environmental impact.

  • Analyze the source and cause of failure and rectify the system.



Quality is of utmost importance in our work culture and all business operations. To achieve this objective, we have adopted strict quality. Control measures and we source our materials only from very reliable and established vendors. Our quality control managers check quality at each stage of supply.


 A team of highly qualified chemical engineers, mechanical engineers and professionals acts as the prime strength of the company.These professionals use their expertise in the industry and help us to identify the best manufacturers for our range of Industrial Chemicals

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