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Aluminum Sulphate ( Alum )

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we supplies and provide  liquid and solid aluminum sulphate for all  industrial companies  such as pulp & paper mills for paper sizing, tanneries for leather tanning , wastewater treatment plants for purification…etc.

Aluminium sulphate, commonly known as alum is a hard crystalline solid or powder that is soluble in water. It contains around 17% alumina (Al2O3). It is manufactured in a simple process from aluminium trihydrate and sulphuric acid. Aluminium sulfate has been used by man since 2000 BC, when the Egyptians used a mineral alum as a mordant in dyeing. It has long been used in paper sizing to improve durability and ink receptivity and in water treatment to clarify water. Other uses for alum include as a Ph ajuster in soil, as a waterproofing agent and accelerator in concrete.Aluminum Sulfate easily hydrolyzes to form insoluble precipitates which aid in removal of tiny particles that cannot be easily filtered and/or are too small to settle via gravity in a useful period of time.

uses for aluminum sulfate include:

1- Potable Water Treatment

2- Wastewater treatment (clarification and phosphorus removal)

3- Lakes and ponds (removal of excess nutrients, such as phosphates that contribute to algae growth…ultimately, this provides algae control)

4- Paper mills (charge neutralization, rosin sizing and pitch control)

5- Dye (fixing dyes to fabrics and textiles, without altering the color of the dye)

6- Synthetic catalyst production

7- Poultry houses as a litter amendment for ammonia control.

Application :

Iron free Aluminum Sulfate (Alum) is most widely used in drinking water and wastewater treatment systems. In potable water applications, alum functions as an excellent primary coagulant. Through charge neutralization and flocculation in raw water, alum removes:

A- Turbidity 

B- Suspended solids 

C- Total organic carbon (TOC)

D- Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)


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