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Chilled&Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemical

We offers extensive range of technically advanced cooling water treatment chemicals to be used across a wide range of commercial, industrial and process applications including water cooling systems, cooling towers, condenser and compressor systems, heat exchangers etc.

Our superior quality cooling water products and specialty chemicals focus on improving the operational efficiency of commercial and industrial cooling systems by offering ready-made solutions to the problems associated with such installations, namely scale, corrosion, biofouling and suspended solids.

Chiller Chemicals are used to minimize corrosion to closed loop water systems. It primary purpose is the removal of the corrosive substance by the means of passivation, precipitation, or adsorption. Passivation works best for laboratory chillers, industrial chillers, process chillers and for other closed loop systems. Passivation inhibitors form a protective oxide film on the metal surfaces. 

Cooling Water Chemicals

1) A biocide

it is a chemical designed to kill bacteria development in cooling water systems. The most common biocides are Isothiazolin 1.5 % , Glutaraldehyde 45 % , and Stabilized Liquid Bromine.

2) An anti-scaling chemical

It is added to the water system to increase the solubility limits of calcium and magnesium in the process water.

3) An anti-corrosion chemical

It is added to cooling water systems that have extensive metals that require protection against corrosion.

Our range of chemical treatments

  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors

  • Biocides

  • Antifoams

  • Pre-commission cleaners.

  • bio-dispersants

  • Multi-functional products.

  • Test kits

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