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Garnet is composed of natural Almandine rock garnet grains and has been famous for its natural hardness, more angular, sharper edges, durability and abrasive characteristics. It is mainly used for sandblasting and waterjet cutting.

Nelco supplies quality abrasives for surface preparation and corrosion control in the marine industry, fabrication industry as well as other sectors.

Nelco team of technical engineers will help you analyses your requirements, including production and budgetary constraints. You will be amazed how the right choice of abrasive for a particular application can dramatically affect your bottom line on a project.

Nelco supplies Three types of Garnets

1. Pink GARNET  - Sizes: we process #18-20/40, 30/60, 60/80, 120

2. RED GARNET (Almandine) - Sizes: we process #18-20/40, 30/60, 60/80, 120

3. BROWN GARNET(Grossular) - Sizes: we process 1-3mm, 0.5-1mm, and in mesh: 12/24, 20/40, 30/60, 60/80, 120, 120/200

Origin : Australia , India , China


  • Shape: angular free and angular

  • Purity: 97-98%

  • Hardness in Mohs scale: 7.5-8 4.

  • Density: >4.1-4.3

  • Crystallization System: Cubic

  • Color: Dark Pink

  • Bulk Density (kg/m3): 2400

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