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Oxygen Scavenger 

Oxygen Scavengers remove the dissolved oxygen in the makeup/feed water. Residuals of the oxygen scavenger should be maintained in the boiler water to protect against the metals from corrosion. Any residuals of sulfite mean there is no dissolved oxygen is present in the boiler water. Extra sulfite residual provides added protection in case of upset conditions.

Sulfite based

Oxygen Scavenger 

It is  an ideal treatment for both low and medium pressure steam boilers.

it should be dosed at the rate of 18 ml/m3 for every ppm of dissolved oxygen.

  • Ideal treatment for low and medium pressure boilers

  • Rapidly reacts with oxygen preventing corrosion

  • Enhances protection against caustic embrittlement

  • Ideal application for used in the food industry

The product is packed in 35.0 kg, 50.0 kg HDPE Carboys


Ammonium Bisulphite Based

Oxygen Scavanger 

We manufacturer a wide range of Ammonium bisulphite. We have both catalyzed and non-catalyzed ABS and purity ranging from 37% to 70%.
Ammonium bi sulphite solution is widely used in oil fields. In upstream oil field industry it is being used as an oxygen scavenger or corrosion inhibitor. It is also used on photography industry along with caramel colour manufacturing. The Ammonium Bisulfite we manufacture is stabled for maximum shelf life and to withstand minimum temperature provided material to be stored under proper storage condition.

  • Oilfield Chemicals

  • To produce photography chemicals

  • X-Ray Fixer and developer chemicals

  • Speciality Chemicals

  • To produce caramel colour

  • Industrial Chemicals


Available in 40%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 70% 

Packing : 250 Kg Drum & 1000 Ltr. IBC & 5000 Ltr. Tanker


Plsase write to us for Corrosion Inhibitor PDS and MSDS

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