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Drilling detergents

Drilling detergents are a specific type of dispersant that are used to aid in the extraction of oil from foamy and muddy mediums. The detergents separate the foamy component of the medium and disperse it into the air. Detergents are basically used to limit foaming in muddy mediums, including fresh water, sea water, and brine system muds.

Drilling detergents are also used to aid in the removal of metal particles left behind from the drilling process, dirt and build-up, and mud that occurs in the well-bore and casing.


Physical appearance        =    Medium blue liquid

Type:                                   =    Surfactant

Density at 25 degC, gm/m =   1.00 - 1.10
Specific gravity                  =    1.01-1.02
pH (1% solution)               =    7.0 - 8.0
Solubility in water             =     Soluble in water
Freezing point                    =     32°F (0°C

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