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Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning is one of the most pervasive and critical problems faced by operators of storage tanks. The accumulation of sludge and bottoms in storage tanks can cause operating problems, accelerate corrosion and reduce the storage capacity available to operators. Most often, tanks are cleaned in preparation for inspections or mechanical repairs. Increasingly tanks are being cleaned as a proactive measure towards environmental compliance.

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Chemical Cleaning

We use  chemicals as an efficient and cost-effective way of removing stubborn types of fouling, oil residues, and corrosion from many types of industrial plant equipment.

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Air/Steam Cleaning

Air/Steam blowing refers to cleaning of pipeline system using oil free compressed air or steam. Engineered air/steam blowing system by using simulation model (Flownex), target plates, quick acting valves and silencers to remove sand, debris, loose rust, liquids and other contaminants from process pipelines.

This application has been accepted across the country as a safe method to clean fuel supply lines, chilled water lines or plant piping systems. we has carried out various prestigious projects with Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Sectors and International Airports, District Cooling Companies etc.

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Foam Cleaning

Foam Cleaning refers to cleaning of an equipment by using special chemistry applied as foam. The applied foam is followed by a low pressure water rinse.

Our chemistry is engineered after studying the type of scales and deposit formed on the subject. An ideal cleaning method for fin tube exchangers, surface condensers, high pressure steam turbines etc. as it maximizes solvent-to surface exposure so as to reach the entire surface without any gaps. The chemistry is biodegradable and environmentally safe to use

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Decoking & Pigging

we offers a safe and proven method to remove pipe deposits without damaging the environment, which offers significant time savings over conventional cleaning methods and therefore minimizes downtime.

Decoking and Pigging personnel are trained in-house with the latest techniques and our cleaning pigs are sourced from a specialist manufacturer that uses the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards.

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Oil Flushing

Oil Flushing is the circulation of lube oil at high velocities (turbulent flow). This high velocity flow causes the fluid to become a washing medium due to the molecular implosion, thus removing adhered contaminants from the subject equipment namely compressors, lube-oil systems and transport it to multiple filtration units placed at strategic points.

our custom built high velocity oil flushing & filtration equipment’s ranging from 1000 to 2200gpm flow are designed to handle jobs with high volume oil flushing activities in shorter duration.

We have carried out several flushing jobs in the past as a part of pre & post commissioning activities and meeting the NAS and ISO 4406 standards.

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hydro-jetting service is successful in clearing out most pipe blockages and clogs short of a collapsed or broken pipe. This service is also a great choice for routine pipe maintenance to ensure the health and longevity of your plumbing system.

it is a drain cleaning technique that uses special equipment to deliver high velocity water pressure through your pipes. This method of drain cleaning is environmentally friendly, highly effective, and affordable. No chemicals or cleaners are used in this method of drain cleaning. it simply uses a small energy efficient machine, specialized hoses and water to deliver a deep and thorough cleaning for your drain system. 

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