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Buildings Demolition Works

Nelco Is specialists in the demolition of buildings in UAE with big experience, excellent work and extracting demolition permits since 2009  . We perform buildings demolition on large and small projects with lowest prices , precision, safety and efficiency.

We have an extensive demolition experience and have successfully completed many difficult and fast-paced projects safely and efficiently. we have an extensive experience in residential and industrial as well as large and complicated projects for demanding customers. Some of our services include interior demolition, concrete demolition, site clearing and building wrecking.

we are Processing the demolition license quickly and get all Required NOC from related concern authorities including from Municipality , ADDC , Tadweer , Abu Dhabi Sewage Company , Civil Defense , Etisalat and Road.

Work Procedure :

  1. we will submit all required documents and get demolition intial permit from municibilty.

  2. we will get all required Demolition NOC from ADDC , Tadweer , Abu Dhabi Sewage Company , Civil Defense , Etisalat and Road.

  3. we will submit demolition application online to Abu Dhabi Municipality attached with fallowing documents: ADDC Clearance Certificate , NOC from Client , Site Insurance , Pest Control Contract , Equipment Insurance , Road Insurance , Equipment List , 
    Tadweer Contract

  4. After Get approval for All NOC then we will Get Demolition Permit.

  5. we will perform demolition works with precision, safety and efficiency.

A temporary fence will be fixed during the NOC approvals time, after providing all NOC ‘S ,Demolition permits and associated HES paperwork the work will start as per program requirement and will be follow as:

  • Breaking the Building,  excavate foundation and Concrete removal : breaking will commence from one end to the required depth until the base is totally removed ,the waste concrete will be stockpiled at the side for loading onto trailers 2 xl trailers will then dispose all of the waste concrete to the municipality dumping area.

  • Dismantling of the existing Building/Warehouse with isolating the MEP services such electrical, data and civil defense.

  • Clear the debris to nearest dump yard.

  • Disposal of waste materials:The wastage will be loaded by our excavator bucket and we can remove the waste while demolition continues slowly and smoothly.

  • All wastage trips will be registered quantities and have singed paper from the municipality dumping area.

  • Sounds & Dust pollution: Sound will be mainly from the hydraulic breaker and excavator, and personnel working within 20 meter of the demolition activity work shall wear the correct ear protection. As the demolition works are carried out water mist spray will be used to reduce the dust.

  • Monitoring : Nelco will use highly trained and trained engineers and technicians to carry out the work, and there will be daily follow-up from the Security and Safety Department for the work stages

  • Machinery ( Demolition , Lifting , Loading shifting , Cleaning) : it is incldude Exacavator , box trailer , forklift crane 50 ton , Man lift with 45 degree corner reaches up to 28 high rapid and Hands tools.

  • Final Ground preparation:Removal all rustiness fence and cleaning the ground floor will be from the preparatory work in the siteGathering all scrapped steel in one area 

6. After Finish Demolition Works, we get Completion Certificate from Municipality.

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