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Calcium Nitrate 

Calcium nitrate fertilizer is a water-soluble chemical solution that provides plants with supplemental calcium and nitrogen. These elements are the physiological building blocks for strong, disease-resistant plants.

Calcium nitrate doesn’t occur in nature — it’s made by mixing inorganic calcium and nitrogen. This is done by combining limestone and nitric acid, followed by ammonia.


  • Prevents problems before they arise

  • Helps plants grow stronger

  • Allows plants to produce larger fruit


  • Granular Calcium Nitrate

  • Liquid Calcium Nitrate

  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

  • Calcium Nitrate with Boron

Crops: All Crops

Dosage :
Foliar application: 4-5 g/L of water
Fertigation: 1-3 kg/ac


Note: For fertigation, number of application depends on crop.
Fertigation: Use dosage based on results of the soil analysis, crop and its growth stage. However, do not mix with Phosphate and Sulphate containing fertilizers.

Technical details

  • Total nitrogen, per cent by weight, minimum                      ==  15.5

  • Ammoniacal nitrogen, per cent by weight, maximum         ==  1.1

  • Nitrate nitrogen as N, per cent by weight, minimum           ==  14.4

  • Water soluble calcium, per cent by weight, minimum         ==  18.8

  • Matter insoluble in water, per cent by weight, maximum   ==   1.5


Packing: 1 kg, 25 kg


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