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Mechanical Man Power Supply 

We engage in All type of Engineering Manpower Supply at office/site for all emirates in UAE. We have been providing our services to very reputed and globally known organizations in the field of Refinery, Petrochemicals Industries, Steel Plants, Material Handling Plant, Chemical Plant, Cement Plants, etc.


We have well qualified and experienced work force, trained to produce quality output. We are training our staffs based upon new regulations and standards   and continuously try to adopt new technology.

We Supply the following Mechanical Manpower:


  • Mechanical/Electrical/Electro mechanical  Engineers

  • MEP Engineers

  • Supervisor/Foreman

  • Machinist

  • Pipe fitter

  • Steel fitter

  • Iron/steel worker

  • Iron/steel worker

  • Rigger/scaffolding

  • Plate welder

  • Metal turner

  • Grinder

  • Fabricator

  • Helpers

  • Unskilled labor

We provide Steel Plant Recruitment Services in UAE to number of clients throughout the emirates, with highly trained and passionate individuals eager to make their mark on the growth and expansion of the company. We acknowledge the huge potential and demand in steel plant industry and to meet those demands, our recruitment team chooses specialized and experienced workforce. We have standardized pattern on which we recruit candidates and the best of the lot is given go-ahead.


  • Equipped to handle latest technology

  • Can handle tough environment

  • Implication of safety technique

  • Has understanding of steel market

Welder Manpower

  • The welder cut and joins different kinds of material.

  • A welder is also responsible for the repair of different parts of industrial machinery by using various welding techniques.

  • Before welding, a welder has to analyze the designs of the final product so that everything fits in the right place.

Pipe Fitter Manpower

  • Being a pipe fitter it is important to coordinate with the managers and workers from different fields.

  • The pipe fitter must have the exact idea of the requirements of the size and shapes of pipes for a particular project.

  • The pipefitters have to ensure that the pipeline is working well and there is any problem they have to fix it.

  • The pipefitters have to read and understand the architectural plan or blueprint of the construction site.

Plumber Manpower

  • The main responsibility of a plumber is to take all the steps in the installation, maintenance, repair of the plumbing systems.

  • The plumber is responsible for the cutting, assembling and installing pipes and tubes at the sites whether it is commercial or residential.

  • A plumber is responsible for troubleshooting of system malfunctions and failure

Mechanical Helper

  •  A mechanical helper work on tasks given by his supervisor or foreman.

  •  He is responsible for timely maintenance and repair of machines and equipment.

  •  Mechanical helper disassembles and assembles equipment, using mechanic’s hand tools used at the construction site.

  • He performs minor and major repairs on the brake, electrical, fuel, lubrication, cooling, vacuum and hydraulic systems and drivetrains.

  • Troubleshoots and repairs mechanical, hydraulic and electrical problems with machinery and equipment.

  • Mechanical helper should order materials and supplies needed for repair and maintenance of various pieces of equipment and machinery.

  •  Assists as directed in the overhaul, adjustment, maintenance, and repair of varied types of motors and mechanical and motorized equipment.

  • Helps to lay and cut materials.

  • He should assist in fitting and threading pipes; melts and pours lead for joints.

Fabricator Manpower

  • it is required for a fabricator that he can read, understand, and interpret the blueprint or work plan of a product or manufacturing process.

  • Mechanical and technical skills like measuring, cutting, and fitting of different metals are the necessary skills that the fabricators must possess.

  • On the other hand, the ability to check the functionality of new products or equipment are necessary so that a fabricator can ensure the workability and longevity of the new products.

Insulator Manpower

  • Insulators remove the old insulation during the renovation of a building.

  • They should have read and interprete the instructions, blueprints, and other necessary documentation.

  • Insulator transfers the materials and equipment like cover, seal and finished insulated surfaces to work site and sets up work site.

  • During the installation, the insulator must follow the hazardous waste handling guidelines.

Ductman Manpower

  • BDuct manpower is divided into three types Duct Fabricator, Duct Installer, and Duct Foreman. Duct fabricators work at the manufacturing plants and construction sites. They also are known as sheet metal workers. The work of a Duct fabricator revolves around the ductwork.

  • The Duct fabricator has to provide details regarding duct cutting list which is indicated in the drawing plan to duct foreman and project engineers.

  • A duct installer installs the heat and air conditioning units.

  • The responsibility of a duct foreman is to prepare the schedule for each workgroup.

  • All types of ductman should have the capabilities to review the blueprints for the ductwork.


  • Clean Site Office.

  • Clean Site Welfare unit.

  • Report repairs of defects in site office or welfare unit.

  • Order and maintain stock of cleaning equipment and products.

  • A cleaner must be able to remove dust from ceiling pipes, ductwork, vents, light fixtures etc.

  • It also involves cleaning windowsills and window frames.

  • Cleaning and washing all surfaces.

  • Removing any items or waste that is not used from the work area.

We are providing skilled/unskilled man power supply to the following sectors: -

  • Steel

  • Power

  • Mines

  • Oil &Gas

  •  Power Distribution

  • Automobile

  • Water Treatment/Distribution

  •  Construction/Infrastructure

  • Telecom,

  •  Consumer Durable

  •  FMCG

  •  Industrial Products / Heavy Machinery,

  •  Manufacturing

  • Logistics / Supply Chain

  •  Hotels,

  •  Packaging Industry

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