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Tank Cleaning

Tank cleaning is one of the most pervasive and critical problems faced by operators of storage tanks. The accumulation of sludge and bottoms in storage tanks can cause operating problems, accelerate corrosion and reduce the storage capacity available to operators. Most often, tanks are cleaned in preparation for inspections or mechanical repairs. Increasingly tanks are being cleaned as a proactive measure towards environmental compliance.

The ability to clean a tank is not the only requirement of a tank cleaning operation. The safety of the methods employed and the ultimate disposition of the material from the tank also have a direct bearing on the true cost and value of the service to the customer. Our Services considers the following multiple factors that are critical to the tank owner to ensure a successful tank-cleaning project.

Waste Minimization 

A tank cleaning process should yield the smallest amount possible of waste for disposal. Conventional tank cleaning, although manually intensive, can be the most pragmatic method in remote areas. Wastes that are accumulated from tank cleaning will be properly handled in accordance with all applicable state or local requirements.

Rapid Turnaround

Tank downtime interrupts normal plant activity, so speed is a critical factor to be considered. The highly skilled and experienced crews we utilize are familiar with a variety of cleaning techniques to minimize tank downtime.


Safe Operation

Tank cleaning is a potentially hazardous task. Personnel are required to enter confined spaces with exposure to toxic chemicals and volatile atmospheres. The health and safety of the public, our client, and our personnel is extremely important to our Services. Integral to this program is the inclusion of health and safety plans, training programs, site evaluations, exposure monitoring, and medical monitoring.


An assessment of tank cleaning services is based on an analysis of total cost versus value received. The following factors are included in most evaluations: tank cleaning cost, waste disposal cost, costs associated with tank downtime and long term liability costs associated with personnel safety, disposed waste and environmental impact. our Services recognizes the importance of these elements relative to managing a cost-effective project.


Tank cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of offshore tanks on supply motor vessels and oil rigs;

  • Cleaning of onshore tanks (oil storage tanks, drilling fluid, chemical fluid tanks etc.);

  • Cleaning of various types of containers (DCB, LDCB, tote tanks, road tankers, skips etc.);

  • Tank bottom residues uplift and transfer and final disposal of residual product;

  • Tank drainage and disposal of tank bottoms and sludge;

  • Cleaning and purging of pipe work;

  • Manual fuel tank cleaning;

  • Remote tank cleaning using mechanical high pressure washers;

  • Testing and gas free certification;

  • Removal of tanks using hot and cold specialist cutting equipment.

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