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Water Treatment Equipments

 Design ,supply , installation & commissioning:- 

  • Sewage treatment plants

  • Tertiary treatment

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants – DAF

  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants – Clarifiers

  • Deminerization, softening and disinfection.

  • Drinking Water Plants

  • Desalination Plant – Ro Plant

  • Agricultural wastewater treatment.

  • Leachate treatment plants

Maintenance and repair including :-

  • Agricultural wastewater treatment.

  • Electromechanical works for Sea water and brackish water reverses osmosis RO plants including sand filters, cartridge filters, RO skids, pumps and blowers.

  • Wastewater treatment WWTP plants including screens, grit and grease removal bridges, clarifiers, sludge thickeners and sludge dewatering unit. 

  • Replacement, renovation and maintenance of water treatment units.

  • Provide the necessary water treatment chemicals and follow-up treatment for customers.

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